TN Muay Thai

SSF Submission Academy of Clarksville TN is the home for TN
Muay Thai Center.

Thai Kickboxing

Thai Boxing, or Muay Thai as it is
called in Thailand, is the most popular spectator sport and martial
art practiced in Thailand. It is an art that utilizes all of the
body’s natural weapons—punches, kicks, elbows, knees—to create a
fighting style that is both practical and devastating to opponents.
It is highly competitive in the ring and extremely useful on the
street. In Thai Boxing the hand techniques are similar to western
boxing, incorporating strikes with the elbows. Leg strikes include
powerful kicks and the incorporation of knees. Thai boxers are
known throughout the world for their power, stamina, ability to
take punishment, and overall effectiveness. Thai boxing is a must
for the serious martial arts and fitness enthusiast.
SSF Submission Academy
812 College St
Clarksville TN

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